Summer Intensive


I applied to and was accepted at Global Awakening’s three-week summer intensive course. It starts on Monday and I have some homework to do! I have three books to read and write a one-page report about. I hope to be able to blog about it, so if you’re interested stay tuned. In the meantime, here’s my report on the first book.

Welcoming a Visitation of the Holy Spirit by Wesley Campbell
Patti McCarty

Aside from a rare reference to “something happening in Toronto”, I confess to little knowledge of what I now know as the Toronto Blessing. Welcoming a Visitation of the Holy Spirit, written two years after these amazing events began, provided me with a thorough firsthand account of what transpired. Wesley Campbell prayed in his introduction that “this book will encourage your heart to seek heaven, to welcome a visitation of God on earth and to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.” Well, it did that and more.

I must confess to being a proverbial “frog in the kettle” of deism, accepting a worldview that was controlled, predictable and ordered. Yet quite frequently over the years the Spirit would stir my heart when I read Jesus’ words about healing and “greater things than these will you do.” “Greater things?” I thought, “We don’t even see people healed!” The question of why we didn’t see more of God’s supernatural power in the church kept moving to the forefront of my mind. As theology determines practice, I must conclude that it was because of bad theology!

Until I attended the Voice of the Prophets conference in April, I lived with the lie that my old nature was still alive and I was, therefore, constantly battling with it. No wonder I had no victory or power! Graham Cooke’s words, “You don’t have a sin nature, you have a sin habit” set in motion a paradigm shift that has rocked my world in a wonderful way! Before, I’d had an image rather than an identity and had never grasped where I stood positionally. At the same time (as if it were the other side of the positional bad penny), I had no problem accepting that “If you have believed, you are already baptized with the Holy Spirit whether you felt it or not. Just accept it positionally and get on with it.” I now know that “Scripture models much more than Christians paying mental assent to a general positional filling and going on with life as normal. They also expected the manifestations of divine power as demonstrations of this dynamic filling.”

Over the course of the last seven years God has been taking me one step at a time through a process (like a “divine treasure hunt”!) preparing me for “something”, convincing me that the supernatural should be a normal part of my worldview. Like Wesley, I had to be “forced by the evidence and further biblical study to entirely alter the positions [I] had previously espoused.” I don’t know when or what that will look like, but someday (hopefully soon) I will “be incapacitated by a newfound love for Him!”


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