Summer’s early


Storms blew through last night which were quite strong in places. My husband was still at the warehouse when it hit and he was ready to head for the stairwell. He said he’s never heard wind so strong and thought at one point they were going to lose the metal roof off the building. A major route near the shop continues to be closed this morning because of a number of trees down. Many folks are still without power.

I was at the church last night when it hit. We have the homeschool graduation tonight so it was dress rehearsal. We didn’t lose power, though it flickered. Storms are forecast for tonight again, which could make things interesting. We could conceivably be holding the service by flash- and candlelight. That would certainly be memorable, but it would also mean that much of the work (videos) I’ve done for the program would have been for next to nothing. In any event, I’ll be glad when this event is over as it’s taken up a lot of my time the past few weeks.

It’s to be hot this weekend–July hot. I thought after the cold, cold winter and the wet, damp spring that we might be in for a hot, hot summer and I think that’s probably a correct assumption. No A/C units in the windows yet but they’ll probably come out this weekend, although if it gets below 65 at night we can usually cool the house down enough to keep it bearable. Our friends are in from Alaska, and he’ll be glad to get back home as he hates the hot weather!

I was accepted into the Global School of Supernatural Ministry’s Summer Intensive program. I still have two out of the three assigned books to read (and write a report on) and will get on that as soon as the graduation is over. The program will be intensive in a number of ways, not to mention that basically it’ll be like having a full-time job again. I’d forgotten what it was like being away all day and then coming home and having to deal with meals and cooking and cleaning. The guys are low maintenance, though, and I’ll do as much as I can ahead of time and on weekends. Btw this means I’m missing West Chester. I’d saved up to go this year and could have, but see that God had other plans for that money.


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