Stormy weather


We had a strong thunderstorm move through overnight. It’s been quite the year for storms. Some parts of the country have seen a more-than-average share of tornadoes already. Last night the wind gusts were enough to bring branches down. We heard a huge “crack!” at the start of the storm which took out the electric and brought my husband up out of bed immediately. Matt got up too and they ran to get flashlights and umbrellas to check out the damage. Of course they don’t wait for the storm to abate, lol. The neighbor has an ancient ginkgo tree a couple of hundred feet high and it seems to be losing branches almost every year. One fell on his roof again and did some damage. Another neighbor lost a limb off a Bradford pear (they’re notorious for their narrow-angle crotches, which sets them up for such things).

We’ve had so much rain the farmers are having trouble getting crops planted. It will make things interesting this year and could be setting the stage for food shortages. They’re already there because of using crops for fuel. If we have much more of a delay the yields will be down, further exacerbating the problem.

Me? I just found out about another “crib fest” at Eratosphere. A friend emailed me and asked if I was going to knock their socks off again, this time with a Latin crib. ~sigh~ I believe I have set myself up with Ventura Astrosa/Yo Dude a couple of months back. Today is my only free day, so if it doesn’t happen today it probably won’t happen. All I can do is look up and say “Help!” again. It’s a good thing that I like to do that. :)


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