Graham Cooke


I don’t have much time as I’ll be heading out the door soon for the first full day of the conference. Last night Graham Cooke spoke. Wow. Just….wow. Here are some quick notes I took, but you’d better believe I’m getting the DVDs of this conference!

“The way we think rules our life. Every thought leads you into some kind of experience, and every action is preceded by a thought. Stress is always an inside job. We speculate negatively most of the time. We have a strong attraction to doubt, pessimism and unbelief. God has no bad thought about you! He sees what’s missing in your life. All confrontations between our flesh and spirit are a source of Joy to the Father because He loves being your deliverer! He is passionate about your freedom!

Grace is the empowering presence of God. If it is only unmerited favor then Jesus never had any! Every single thing in your life is about empowering you to become all that God designed you to be. We are to rise up inside to build, repair, and restore. We’re in the business of remodeling the way that we think. There is no transformation without your mind being renewed. We want new but we think old!”

Here’s one I particularly love: “If all your thinking brings you to a place you don’t like, have another thought! Because there’s a better one out there!”

“God isn’t dealing with your sin, He’s already dealt with it. Now He’s establishing your righteousness! Some people develop low self-esteem like it’s another fruit of the Spirit. In Christ we are aligned with the Father’s perception of Jesus. Behavior is the echo of belief. We’re believers!!! Could we please believe something good?!!! Don’t allow your beliefs to be challenged by your circumstances, allow them to be strengthened by them. If you’re going to learn the power of rejoicing, you need to let go of being upset, anxious, tired, and feeling down.

“The two best questions were those asked at Pentecost: What does this mean? and What must I do? Never allow your circumstances to be bigger than your blessing. God is devoted to renewing our thinking so our lifestyle can cultivate His affection. When you believe a lie, you empower the liar. Our circumstances are not the problem; our perception of our circumstances is the problem. Your mindset is the place of your overcoming.”

It’s a beautiful day today. So good to see the sun again after days of rain, though I’m told more rain is on the way. Hopefully I’ll get back a little earlier tonight. It was to end at 9 last night but went until 10:30. So worth it though :)


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