Last night in Nome


I’ll save a longer, more thoughtful post for when I get back and have time to recuperate! We’ve had a busy weekend. Today was quite full. We had the Goslin boys over last night for a sleepover so we got to bed a bit late. The boys were up early and we made breakfast then headed to the finish line for the last two mushers to come in. The weather’s changed over the last couple of days. We’ve had snow and wind, which locals say is more like the norm (unlike the week-plus days of sunshine we had when we arrived!). After the red lantern musher (the last) came in I went to Covenant Church for Musher Sunday. DeeDee Jonrowe, Aliy Zirkle, and Mike Williams spoke and it was a nice service. A quick bite to eat back at the Schneiders and then Kevin and I packed. We headed to the Goslins for a quick picture or twenty and then headed to the rec center for the Musher’s Banquet. That was really nice! A bit crowded, but nice :) The food was great, and we were able to get the signatures of the mushers who came in after the autograph session yesterday, so our book is complete! But it was a long day and I’m pooped. Tomorrow we head to Anchorage for our mini-ski trip at Alyeska. Woo-hoo! Haven’t skied in a month so this should be interesting, lol.

At the banquet, alll the finishers were given a chance to speak, and it some got quite choked up. Lots of great stories, too. Evidently one of the female mushers got in trouble in the trail (hypothermia) and was actually calling for help. Her speech was slurred and she was having trouble getting into her sleeping bag. I believe a couple of mushers passed her by, but one didn’t. Allan Moore stopped and made sure she and her dogs were okay and then he helped her in the morning. It cost him quite a few places in the finish but she might have otherwise died. I’ll leave you with a pic of Kevin and I and the 2011 Iditarod champion, John Baker.


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