Making Memories


What a fun day today! We went to church with John & Rhonda and afterward had a pot luck dinner. We sat next to Dan Karmun and his wife, Ethel. He talked about what it was like growing up in a nomadic family back in the day. The first time he killed an animal he was told to give it to an elder. He didn’t really want to but he did, and says that since then his hunting has been blessed. He moved to Nome in the 50s and was drafted into the Army. He married and had 12 children and has been married 62 years. It was a real pleasure talking with him over lunch. We hope to see him next Sunday, too, and he promised to remember to wear his hearing aids, lol.

After lunch, Pierce (the oldest child of our friends the Goslins) decided he wanted to enter the snow sculpting contest. There were no blocks of snow left, but it turns out one group was a no show, so an hour after the event began Kevin and I and Rhonda and Pierce tackled a 4-x-4 foot block of snow. It was Pierce’s idea to make an igloo and we put “Nome” on top as well as a cross. His sculpture was entitled “This Little Light of Mine” and won third place!!!! If I had a faster connection I’d show you the 1st and 2nd place entries, which were fantastic! Pierce was pleased as punch and even won forty bucks! The newspaper photographer was there, so who knows, maybe we’ll be in it! The picture below is of Rhonda and Pierce.

Before supper we took a walk around town. I didn’t hear them working, but the burled arch is up in preparation for the Iditarod this week! The first team is due to arrive sometime Tuesday.

Tomorrow the craft show starts, and Rhonda and I are working it in the afternoon. Should be fun! I’m ready to hit the hay. That couple of hours working outside this afternoon wore me out! Or maybe it’s still the time change :)


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