Trains, Brains, and Automobiles


My dad used to tell a joke, something to the effect of when they were passing out brains he thought they said trains and he got a caboose, lol. He dropped out of school in tenth grade (you would have too if you knew the story) and so he used to joke about things like that. But he’s no dummy. Quite the opposite; I consider him a genius. His wife jokes that he’s a real “master of all trades and jack of none.” He’s a true tinkerer and artisan and has works in the Smithsonian. In fact, it was him they turned to years back when the custodian took Lennon’s rolls home for a weekend and wrecked it. Now there’s a story (but I’ll save that for another time).

They say girls marry their dads. Well, my husband finished school. He went to Vo-Tech (back then those kids were looked down on) where he learned a trade and was very good at it. He almost went into the Air Force because he wanted to work on ventilation and refrigeration systems for astronauts. I have absolutely no doubt that he would have excelled in that field as well. As it was, he settled into working for one company, then another, before finally going out on his own. He used to get calls from reps with questions if they got stuck. He’s one sharp cookie. But he’s unassuming like my dad. And he makes me laugh like my dad. He also makes me cry.

Yesterday we were talking about something and I said to him, “You sure know a lot.” He replied, “I know that I love you. Beyond that I don’t know much.”

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my husband? :)


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