One of the many benefits of cleaning


I started a project a few days ago–tearing into the den, which had become a repository for anything orphaned and looking for a home, lol. I’m making great progress, and probably have removed close to three-quarters of my books. What remains are the references and tools I use to write, quite a few (more than I thought) books of poetry by friends, and a couple of stories. I am also going through the stacks of paper which have accumulated.

Besides the obvious (i.e., that it’s healthier to inhabit a clean room!), an added benefit is finding old poems I’d forgotten that I wrote which somehow fell off the radar. I also had (and still have) a habit of scrawling lines onto bits of paper that somehow end up in folders. Some if not all of these will go nowhere, but occasionally one will prove to be the seed of a poem. I can’t wait to get finished and get back to writing!


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