When my expectations get me in trouble


More often than not, I let my hopes get too high over things. I have a vivid imagination (which comes in handy when writing!), but sometimes I end up getting carried away with excitement, especially if it’s something I expect will be good. And if it involves my writing, my excitement level goes through the roof.

We just finished a translation challenge at the Sphere, the first one of its kind actually. One of the translators picked a poem and provided the crib (a rough translation). Fourteen poems were submitted anonymously by the moderator, and all week we’ve enjoyed making comments and taking guesses as to the authors (though I did none of the latter because I’m really not familiar enough with others’ work). As it turns out, two people submitted two poems, so there were twelve authors total. Of the twelve, four didn’t comment on any of the poems at all (which doesn’t seem fair, but perhaps they’ll do it after the fact). Four of us (including myself) commented on most or all of them. A couple of us turned out to be pretty good bluffers!

So early this afternoon the names were posted alongside the translations. Only two people (myself being one of them) have said anything. The other person said she was still in shock at the revelations. Anyway, the silence has become a deafening roar in my ears. I’m not sure what to think, but it sure rained on my parade! Guess I needed a bath :)


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