The things that stand out in our memory


We had a wonderful day of skiing today. The conditions were not quite what we were used to (6″ of fresh powder as opposed to the man-made groomed slopes we are accustomed to) which translates into burning thighs at the bottom of the runs, but I can’t complain. You have to learn to ski in all types of conditions and take what you’re given.

It was a cold day and as the day progressed the wind picked up. We skied a few runs together and then Kevin and Matt split from Alex and I because they like to go fast and furious and we’re not at that stage yet, lol. I had one near spill (all it takes is to hook an edge), and Alex had one real one. Unfortunately she did the same thing I did a few years back and strained her knee. We went in after a few more runs and I let her use my knee brace, which she said helped. I’m glad I had it along.

But aside from the good time on the slopes and the beauty of the day, a couple of other things will stand out in my memory about today. The first is that I found the owner of the class ring I mentioned a few weeks back, the one my mom had been given. I guess I should be accurate and say he found me. I put an notice up at the high school’s web site and got an email this morning, so as soon as I finish writing this I’ll drop him a line and arrange to send it to him.

The other memory isn’t such a good one. You see, when we came in for a break around 10:30 we went into the upstairs lodge. It’s a large room that has probably 70-100 tables. There were only a few other people in the entire room, but there was a couple about three tables over. Kevin had to call the office about something, so he direct connected (think walkie-talkie) with them. I have to confess the volume was a little loud, but then Kevin’s hearing isn’t what it used to be, plus the fans in the room were making quite a ruckus. He actually stepped away from the tables to try and hear better (because the three of us were talking).

Suddenly in the midst of our conversation it dawns on us that the man a few tables over is losing it. I mean totally losing it, cursing loudly, and then I realize that he’s talking about Kevin, calling him names over and over. My son and I just kind of stared at him because we were actually quite dumbfounded and speechless, though I think I might have mouthed “wow” (which in hindsight probably wouldn’t have helped if he’d have seen me, though I don’t think he did), but that’s how I felt. We just couldn’t believe this guy was going off like that. He grabs his stuff and storms away, spewing his poison all the way to the other side of the room.

A simple, “Sir, could you please turn your volume down a little bit” would have been sufficient. Kevin asked me what just happened when he got off the phone and felt badly that he upset him so much. I know it bothered me more than a little, and when we came in after our second break Kevin was looking for him. By then the room was completely full and neither of us could find him. I think Kevin actually wanted to apologize to him (by then perhaps the guy would have calmed down…hopefully), although I’m not sure it would have been accepted. “He needs a hug,” Kevin said with a twinkle in his eye. I felt badly for the woman who was with him. If he treats imperfect strangers like this, I can only imagine what she must go through.

By the way, the young lady from the church who joined us on the trip somehow didn’t hear or witness this (it’s amazing how that works sometimes, as if God cupped her ears!). I think she was doing something with her phone, but in any event she missed it, and I’m thankful she did.

So there, the day’s wrap-up! It’s only 8:15 and I’m ready for bed. I’m stiff already, lol. Tomorrow should be quite fun! :)


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