da blue sky


Yesterday’s blues have, for the most part, dissipated.  I don’t know if writing about it helped, but sometimes that’s what it takes, just getting it out there on paper, acknowledging and then sharing it with someone else (other than my dear husband who’s been very patient with me).  It helps to remember in the midst of the blues that “this too shall pass.”  Sometimes I look too hard for reasons why they come, but we can’t always be up, can we?

I wonder why they’re called the blues and not the greens or something.  Then again, green is associated with jealousy and envy.  And yellow with cowardice, white with purity, black with sin, red with anger (and lust…hmm, interesting connection).

I feel like writing.  Think I’ll give it a whirl before the guests come!  Ty & Mary are coming too (woot!).  I’m looking forward to tonight and hope I can hang.  I turn into a pumpkin somewhere around ten o’clock, so we’ll see :)  Happy New Year everyone!


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