‘Tis the season to be busy


You know you’re too busy when it’s Thursday and you wish the weekend was over already, lol.

Well, let’s see.  Already this week I’ve made two big batches of deer jerky and 12 pints of strawberry freezer jam, and in between working and other things have helped sort toys at the local Bread of Life outreach (I’ll be doing that again this morning, too).  Last night a young lady and I made a video for this Sunday’s Christmas program at our church.  Tomorrow I’m taking a trip to BB’s which is over an hour away (they’re an “Amish scratch and dent” and you can find some amazing buys there).  Tomorrow night we’re taking Ty & Mary & Matt out to eat for Ty’s 25th birthday and then on to see the movie “Tron” (the boys loved watching the original when they were young).  Saturday is the McCarty Christmas gathering down in Lancaster County, so while we’re down there we’ll visit mom for a bit.  Then we have to go to Maryland to pick up two deer which have been processed (one for us and one for Ty).  I guess in Maryland you can harvest a bunch of deer because every year there’s a guy who calls us and asks if we want any (so far the answer has always been yes!).  Then Sunday is the Christmas program.  Monday our shed comes and Kevin’s taking off work (yay!!!).

I just realized that somewhere between today and Friday night I need to make cookies to put in the baskets I’ll give to family on Saturday.  ~sigh~  I guess that will have to be tonight!

I know this sounds a lot like complaining and maybe there is a little touch of that (along the lines of “why do I keep overextending myself” lol), but I really do love this time of year.  It’s bittersweet, though, because I think more about family who have passed away and miss them more keenly.  I got out the stockings that say “Mac” and “Fran” and wonder at how quickly those years passed.  Nana, too, will be missed, that sweet woman who on her deathbed cried because she was afraid we would forget her.  Not you, Nana.

So what am I doing sitting here!  I have work to do!


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