Holiday Cheer



Last night our church threw Christmas parties in three different homes.  We hosted one of them.  This pic was taken after we did the traditional “White Elephant Gift” exchange.  In case you’ve never heard of those, here’s how it works:  Wrap up something you were given (it can be new or used) that you’d like to get rid of.  We had 11 gifts (there were 11 people) so you write numbers 1-11 on 11 separate pieces of paper and put them in a hat.  People then pick them and in that order the gifts are chosen.  The thing is, you can choose something from the table or take one from a person who has already opened something you like (in which case that person gets to either choose one already opened or a new one).  You can see by the time you get to the last person that it can get kind of crazy.  Of course there are the gifts that no one wants, lol, but it’s all fun.  Last night there was quite a variety of gifts!  A “disco ball” that had us all in stitches, a Christmas purse (which my husband picked, lol), a novel, a fuzzy blanket, some junk inside a really neat box, candles, an orange elixir that had an expiration date of 12/99 (why do we hang on to things?!).  Some white elephant gifts show up year after year after year, lol.

It’s great to have internet friends, but there is nothing like being able to get together in “real time” with people to share food, fun, and fellowship.  The people in this picture are very dear to Kevin and I, for we’ve been through a lot of tough times with them and have shared plenty of tears.  It’s nice to share in some good times, too!  “How good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity.”  I’ll say “Amen!” to that :)


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  1. Hi Patti– it’s been awhile, yes? I’m sure you can tell I’ve been mega-busy, and now excited over a lit agency’s request for my entire memoir mss. Don’t know if it will add up to anything, but certainly fun to try. I’m glad you have such a great community: I miss all of that but am thankful that I’m finally still, a year later, writing about five hours a day. xxxj

    • Yes, it has been. Always good to see you, whether here or there at your place! That’s awesome about your mss. I hope it opens up a whole new world for you! Keep writing. It’ll pay off :) ~p

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