Those are the initials on the inside of a class ring given to my mother years ago.  I’m not sure how I ended up with it as my mom is still living.  I think I had the notion years ago to try to find the guy and give it back.  That must have been before the Internet.  It’s so much easier now…or at least it could be if only I’d join, lol.  I don’t want to do that though because a) I’d have to register as a graduate of Conrad High School and b) I don’t like to give out my email address to these places.

Fortunately, the high school has a website and has a PDF of all the yearbooks.  As I’d forgotten the guy’s name (mom had told me years ago) I first tried to call mom but her line was busy.  Only took me a minute, though, to open up the PDF and find the guy with those initials.  He wanted to join the Navy, it said.  If I remember correctly, mom said he did, and that’s probably why the relationship ended.

I don’t know if he’s still alive, but if so he might enjoy getting his ring back for Christmas this year.  And if he’s not and has a widow or children they would probably like to have it, too.  So I left a note for the webmaster at the site asking for help.  If I don’t hear back in a day or two I’ll have to do a little more snooping.  Maybe I will anyway, just to see how hard/easy it is to track somebody down nowadays.  Stay tuned.


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