Grateful for another day of peace


Yesterday was Thanksgiving.  We had my mom and my younger brother up as well as my son and daughter-in-law and her mom and stepdad.  I was up early to prepare the 20-pound bird then spent the rest of the morning cleaning.  Nothing like company coming to motivate me to action!  The meal was great, the fellowship was too, and afterward the guys watched football.  Mom stayed overnight last night, our first guest in our new guest room!  She said she slept fairly well which is good.  I was kind of concerned about that.  Today we “hung out.”  I pulled out some Christmas music and we played the piano.  Later we went to the Sled Works down in Duncannon, a great old shop converted to an antique and crafts mall.  I found an old milk bottle to give as a gift (I’d been looking for months).  We had a great time walking around and looking at old things, which brought back memories for both of us.  At dinner later mom talked about her childhood some more.  They were very poor growing up, and most toys were homemade.  They had a cousin, though, an only child, and when they went to visit her it was hard to see all the presents piled around the tree.  I can relate.  I remember experiencing that one year when I was 12 or 13 and the realization hit that we were pretty poor.  It’s funny.  Before that I was always content with receiving one gift at Christmas.  After that it felt different, not bad, just kind of hollow.  But those “poor” years were some of the best.

Anyway I digress.  Getting back to the title of this post, I believe “something” is going to happen in Korea.  The North Koreans seem to be itching for a fight and may get it.  I have friends serving in the military in Korea, and my daughter-in-law’s brother is scheduled to go there early next year.  I sure hope that doesn’t happen.  There are so many wars and rumors of wars out there, that I find myself just grateful for every day of peace that we’re given.  It’s not going to last forever.  Eventually war will come again (technically it has, but it’s “over there” in Afghanistan).  And then I see what’s happening in Europe and the way the EU is falling apart and how they’re trying to tell Ireland what to do with regard to their elections and it makes me shake my head.  Things are about to get very interesting.  China and Russia have already opted to drop the dollar as their exchange rate between their two countries.  Who’s next?  Well, I’m not worried because a) there’s nothing I could do about it anyway and b) I believe God is in control and has a plan and that no matter how bad things look/get, it’s all part of the plan.  In the end, no one gets out of this life alive anyway.

Speaking of which my mom is 80 years old.  She hasn’t stayed with me for a while and I’ve really noticed a change in her this time.  She’s much more frail and tired and falls asleep sitting up sometimes!  She’s getting arthritis in her hands, too.  We got Matt a digital recorder for Christmas so he could tape his classes if he needs to.  I may borrow it to do some recording of my own.  I need to “interview” my mom while I can.  The stories she told at the table tonight will fade from my memory (much quicker than they used to, I might add!), so I need to get on the stick!


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