An odd sort of way


Today was a busy day, which is good considering I’ve been sick for over a week and am finally able to function despite the fact that this cold is the worst I’ve had in a decade.  At least my sense of taste has come back and I can enjoy eating again.  Still not sleeping well, though, and the constant waking up makes for some interesting dreaming.  I really should write dreams down when I wake up.  Somehow in my subconscious tossing and turning I brought back something from my childhood that I had forgotten, something that shaped the person I’ve become, something important.  I remembered it, whatever it was, and was surprised by it even though I wasn’t trying to find it.  It was like “Oh yeah, I remember you!”  But now it’s gone again.  It’s as if I’d gone fishing in a big lake and dredged up something from the deep but couldn’t get it into the boat.  I guess that’s what the pen and paper beside my bed are for.  Next time use the gaff!

Today a friend came with his skid loader and dug out a portion of our yard before filling it with stone so we can put a shed down in a month.  The topsoil that got moved is piled up along the walk we did a few years back.  We’d needed some fill around the walk anyway but hadn’t counted on that much!  I’ll have to post a picture of the mounds in our back yard.  Of course I’ll have to take the metal detector to it :)  The piles will probably stay there until spring.  We’re all “worked out” this year, and I’m happy to report that we accomplished around 95% of what we wanted to. I’ll take that!

Kevin stayed home to work on that project and I went Christmas shopping and knocked a lot of it out before the stores got really crazy.  Just a few more stocking stuffers and I’m done!  It was great to get home and have him here so early.  Lately he’s been getting home between 7-8 o’clock.  So after dinner we laid down for a few and talked and carried on as we always do (my husband is a nut and so am I, lol).  He “fills my cup” to overflowing, and we cherish our time together, marveling at God’s goodness to us.

Then he went downstairs to watch a movie and I got online.  I haven’t been spending much time online lately, which isn’t a bad thing (in fact, it’s probably just the opposite!), but sometimes I read things that affect my spirit and that happened again.  About the time I think there’s hope for the world I’ll read something that’s so out there it makes my head spin and leaves me in an odd sort of way.  Or maybe it’s just because I was waaaay up on a high because of my time with Kevin and it really isn’t that bad, it just seems that way by comparison.  Well, that’s neither here nor there.  In the end, I acknowledge my feelings and even call them by name, and then I send them to their room.  Wish I would have learned how to do that when I was younger!

Now it’s time for bed.  Just writing about this has helped a bit.  That and the realization that a hundred years from now none of this is going to matter, lol.


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