It comes in threes, they say


Kevin and I went away for a few days to a beautiful island for a wedding.  I intended to write about it today and maybe post a picture or two, but upon “plugging back in” to our neck of the woods discovered three people we knew had died while we were gone.  The one I knew only by name, the other was the husband of an acquaintance (he was only 54 and died of a heart attack).  It’s the third one that really hit home.  A small family, parents and one child, their son being a year or two older than my oldest and recently married.  He was killed in a motorcycle accident on Friday.  Someone turned in front of him and he couldn’t avoid hitting them.  They had just found out that day that they were expecting their first child.  His parents are traveling up from Texas, and their emails are heart-rending.


Death comes in threes, they say.  And you never know when it’ll show up and steal someone away that you love.  So love them with everything that’s in you and don’t hold back.  Life is too short to hold back.


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