Gearing up to go away


It probably seems as if I’m always going away. Well, I guess I am on the go quite a bit. In a few days we’re taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Turks and Caicos for the wedding of a close friend. It’s costing us an arm and a leg and I was a little grumbly about it at first. My logic was based on the fact that what we’re spending in four days would buy us the new mattress and bedroom suite I would love to have. Given the choice, I’d have voted for the new furniture. But then Kevin showed me an email our friend sent to him expressing how much it meant that we were going and, well, I am glad we’re going. From what I understand this beach has been voted #1 in the world (that according to the travel agent), and it’s an all-inclusive resort. You had better believe I am gonna be doing EVERYTHING and wringing every last cent I can out of this place, lol.

Of course the shortened week means we’ll be busting our tails to get everything done so we can leave, cramming five days worth of work into three. Small price to pay, though. And we did say we were going to do something special for our 25th anniversary last year but that got put on hold, so I guess this is that something. Yeah, that works for me.


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