Maple Grove


I smell like a drag strip–my hair, my clothes, my skin have absorbed the smells of a day of drag racing at Maple Grove Raceway. Kevin and I went with our friends who are in from Alaska (they’re avid NHRA fans). The last time I was at drag races was 30+ years ago, and they weren’t NHRA nationals! What a trip! The track was recently rebuilt and in gorgeous shape. The weather could not have been better. Conditions were great, records were being broken, and I am half deaf, lol.

Two engines expired, but no one was injured, even though Ashley Force’s car was a very large fireball when her engine blew. And John Force, the points leader, did his burnout and couldn’t get it in reverse. Short day for him, and a lot of people disappointed (but some thrilled, because whenever you’re as successful as he is there are always those who will hate you for it). The only thing I didn’t like about the day was noticing how many children didn’t have adequate ear protection. That’s not right. It should be a law, actually, as children can’t do this for themselves.

But it was a great day, even though I was pretty beat. Remember that pepper thing I wrote about yesterday? It was midnight before I could finally get to sleep–on the sofa because I kept waking Kevin, and with my hand dangling in a bowl of water–and then was up at 4 to get to the race. It’s been an interesting weekend :)


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