Pepper time!


A couple of days ago Kevin brought home a garbage bag full of peppers. I finally got around to chopping them up. The sweet and banana peppers are to be frozen, and I’m dehydrating the others. And it’s the others that proved to be interesting.

Jalapenos have something like 15,000-30,000 Scoville units (how they measure a pepper’s “hotness”). Those I cut in half and then scooped out the seeds. I thought since they weren’t so hot I wouldn’t need gloves. I should have known I was headed for trouble when I brushed my finger against my lip as I was eating a piece of chocolate. It still burns. And now my hands are on fire. Could be from the habaneros, too. I thought I was being careful. Evidently it doesn’t start to burn right away. But when it does, you know it! My hands are literally burning across the keyboard, lol.

So I will now sign off and Google “hot pepper remedy” or something, before I end up in the emergency room.


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