The real deal


I spent the afternoon at a friend’s house making apple cider!  Actually there were quite a few people there and I did next to nothing to help (hey, when there are young people willing and able to do the work I won’t push them out of the way!).  I don’t know what the final total was, but there were probably at least 30+ gallon jugs filled from the pick-up truck full of apples that were washed, chopped, and pressed.  And fresh-pressed apple cider is the best!  That pasteurized stuff you buy at the store is okay, but nothing like the real deal!  I came home with three gallons and put them in my freezer to enjoy in the future.

That’s when I discovered that for some reason our brand new freezer isn’t keeping the ice cream frozen and that some had melted and made a sticky mess all over the bottom.  It figures.  Last night I bought six half-gallon containers for a picnic next Wednesday at our church.  Guess I’ll have to buy more.  ~sigh~  They just don’t make things like they used to.  Other things seem to still be frozen, though I’m keeping an eye on it.  I turned it up to the coldest setting (it was almost there) and hopefully that’ll take care of the problem–whatever the problem is!


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