Into every vacation


…a little rain must fall.  So when it happens at the beach you do wash and find wi-fi somewhere to catch up on email…100+ when I opened it up!  I’ll probably have just as many by the time I log on again but I don’t care.

I’ve been thinking a lot about dropping Facebook.  I have plenty of reasons to but still find it hard to take that step.  Guess that’s because I like to be around people and other than Sundays at church I don’t have (or take?) many opportunities to do so.  But people (myself included) are messy because relationships can be messy, and I so often find myself either getting involved in a mess or making one myself.  Either way it’s not pleasant.   I also tend to be an all-or-nothing girl and if I’m into something it can consume me.  I’ve been so consumed lately that there’s really not much left at the end of the day.

Then there is the issue of motive.  Why do I do/say the things I do?  Increasingly I don’t like the answers I am getting to that.  I didn’t think I used to have many issues, but lately it seems I have a whole subscription, lol.  In any event, as I tend to be the single-focus type I have some decisions to make.  Life is short and is pretty much made up of the consequences of decisions that are made.  When we make good choices we usually reap the benefit.  Unfortunately it also works in reverse.  The good news is that although some consequences can be lifelong most aren’t, and even those that aren’t can be redeemed.  Hope is a beautiful thing.


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