Road trippin’


We finally got rain this week, and lots of it!  The corn no longer looks as if it’s on its last legs, the beans are being prolific as usual, and the tomatoes are finally turning red.  No progress on the guest room this week–still waiting for the carpenter to come back and put up the trim–but there were and still are plenty of things to do.  Last weekend we cleaned and treated the deck.  Three years ago we paid someone to do it (around $900!!!).  This year we borrowed a pressure sprayer and bought what we needed.  Total cost in the end was around $75.  It was a lot of work but well worth it.

This morning Kevin went to a Men’s Breakfast and has a meeting afterward.  Then we’ll be heading up near Wellsboro to visit friends and stay overnight.  We’re going on the bike, so it’ll be our first official road trip–a short one, only three hours (have to work up to the eight-hour trip to New Hampshire this fall!).  It’s going to be a hot one, but no rain is in the forecast.

Here’s a morbid thought:  I always think about death when we ride.  “Then why ride?” is the logical question, lol.  But it’s not as if we’re any “safer” in a car.  When it’s your time it’s your time.  But I do think about accidents.  We took a ride last Sunday and passed some deer along the road.  Fortunately they stayed along the road.  Groundhogs are another concern.  But we do enjoy riding and don’t want to live in fear.  We bought headsets so we can talk to each other and even receive phone calls if they come in.  A navigation system is next on the list.  We’ll see.

I think I’ll give Matt my book of passwords so that if something were to happen he can make entries and delete accounts, etc.  My aunt started a Facebook account six months before she died and it’s still there.  I’m thinking it is because no one knows the password.  I sit here and look around the den and think that my children wouldn’t be too happy with me if we exited this planet because since the renovation (okay, before that, but it’s worse now!) things are kind of a mess around here.  But they already know where the “silver binder” is with all the pertinent documents.  Still, we have too much stuff, and I don’t want to burden them with it.  And I keep saying that but so far have gotten rid of very little!  Well, assuming we make it back safely, I’ll tackle some of the mess this week!  Cya on the rebound!


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