Rain at last


It’s been over two weeks, but I can hear that blessed sound of rain against the windowpane, not much, but it’s a start.  With a cooler air mass moving in we hope to get more than just a passing shower, although the ground is so hard it will have a hard time soaking in.  We’ll take what we can get, though.

It’s been raining on the inside, too, even though the tears have stopped.  I find I keep checking back at Alan’s blog to see what others have posted.  Saw one by someone today that I was tempted to address but out of respect for Alan kept my mouth shut.  Also, the question was raised about starting a new blog for the “rare readers” to continue posting.  Part of me wants to see that but another part doesn’t see how it would hold together without Alan’s special glue.  It’s worth a try, though.

Then I think maybe I should just stop blogging and Facebook (especially Facebook) because my writing has dwindled to nothing and I think it’s because of the time spent online socializing.  The question is, which do I love more?  I miss writing so much it hurts, but does it hurt enough?  Evidently not, because I haven’t dropped my account.


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