Goodbye, Alan


And so it comes, though long after the two months he was “given” to live.  He asked God for time to finish the Psalms, and he was granted that, and we who followed his blog were thankful for the extra years.  Alan Sullivan is on his deathbed, perhaps has already passed away, and though I knew this day was coming I still find myself weeping.  I have come to love and respect him, though we’d never met and I mostly lurked at his blog.  I’ll miss his daily posts, and appreciate what one friend wrote today, “…this blog was something different. Less personal in one way but with deeply held values shared and also ideas and sacred poetry. You are a highly developed man morally with a keen intellect that informs us brilliantly about much of what is happening in the world from weather to politics. And you were able to share it with a wide audience right up to the end.”

This audience member gives you a standing ovation.  Well done, Alan.  Well done.

Editing back in to say that Alan passed away this afternoon.  He died smiling.


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