Another rabbit trail


I was thinking about barometric pressure today as it relates to forecasting changes in weather.  It’s not something that, physically speaking, most people are aware of.  I wondered if there was some kind of equivalent in the spiritual realm.  Kind of out there in left field, I know, but that’s where I spend a lot of time following the rabbit trails in my mind, lol.  Anyway if there is a spiritual equivalent and if I am “reading the gauges correctly”, I’d say there’s some heavy oppression on the way.  Don’t know whether it’s localized or on a large scale, but something’s up.

Or not.  :)


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  1. I used to write and perhaps still do about emotional weather or psychic weather as in the collective unconscious which some people are calling the ‘hive mind’– There do seem to be tidal waves, tsunamis of hard times for many, then clearing weather, then another surge. But through it all there is still the luminosity of the moment, the processes of nature cycling away, things being born, living out their span, dying back. Even stars. The whole universe seems to me like an enormous and infinite organism with everything running true to itself. Planets don’t seem, anymore than we, meant to last forever. Lately I’ve been viewing Self more and more as like the leaf on an oak tree. I heard a woman on NPR, in her eighties, say yesterday, “We just have to grow up and accept that it’s a big, beautiful, ugly, amazing and terrible world, face it all, and not fall apart.” That cracked me up. O.K. Right away. I’ll just go do that and everything will be fine. xxxxj

    • I heard that same interview! Cracked me up, too. :) Thanks for your reply. I’d never heard of of it called the “hive mind” but it fits! The thing about this “feeling” or whatever you want to call it is, I have the sense that we need to get ready for something, but we don’t even know what that something is! How do you prepare for that?! Perhaps the preparation isn’t so much preparing physically as mentally. It’s not if troubles come, but when. And as with most every other thing in life it’s not what happens to us but how we respond to it. I’m still learning how to respond (my tendency is to react!). ~sigh~ We’re all works in progress :) ~p

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