A world full of weeds


I spent an hour weeding in the potato patch this morning, and as I did I got to thinking about weeds.  Last week I’d done a lot of weeding in the rows of beans coming up and discovered that there was a weed which had leaves so similar to the beans that on first glance it was easy to mistake them for the real thing and pass over them.  Today a similar thing happened in the mounds of potatoes.  I didn’t catch it right away but there it was, the counterfeit weed that looked very much like the potato plant.  Interesting that I didn’t see any of those weeds growing in the bean patch and vice versa.

As I often do, I take the lessons from the physical world and see how they apply in the spiritual.  I thought immediately of the passage about the wheat and the tares and how so often Satan imitates the real thing so that unless you’re really looking you don’t see that it’s not real.  But you can always tell by the fruit.  The weeds I picked today and last week would have yielded no fruit regardless of how good the soil was or how much it was fertilized.

I want my life to be fruitful, to have meaning, so that when I die the fruit of my labor will live on after I’m gone.  It doesn’t just happen, though.  It takes work and a fair amount of “weeding” in my soul.  Sometimes I mistake a “weed” for something good and allow it to grow.  Eventually I see my error but the roots are much deeper then and harder to get out.  I’m told to “work out my salvation” with fear and trembling, no less, for God is at work in me.  So I guess in some ways my heart is like a garden.  If I want good things to grow I have to take care of it and pay close attention to the thoughts I plant and what I let grow there.  And things don’t always grow–there are fallow times as well as times of drought, but it is, in a sense, where God and I meet.  He causes growth, but I must do my part to shake off the incarnate lazy streak that I have!  Seems I’d always rather do something other than read my Bible, even though that’s where the strength for life comes from.  If I could even make myself a pact to spend as much time in prayer or reading as I do online each day that would be a start!  So I guess that means I should get off the computer and do what I say, lol.


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