Anniversary eve


Kevin and Matt are downstairs watching a movie, but I just couldn’t hang.  It’s been a long day–four hours spent helping at a local food bank, a three-hour meeting, two hours working in the garden after dinner, I’m bushed!  So I say goodnight to the boys and come to bed and there on my pillow is a card…

It’s our Anniversary

I’m thinking of a time, many years from now, when we’ll know and love each other the way that only lifelong lovers can.

We’ll still hold hands when we walk side by side, and understand each other’s feelings without saying a word.

We’ll still end each day, happy and secure in each other’s arms, thankful for everything we share, and drift off to sleep more in love than ever.

We’ll wonder where the time has gone…I’ll retell favorite stories we’ve collected through the years, you’ll laugh and let me know when I get some details wrong.

Today and always, I love looking forward to a lifetime of loving you.  Happy Anniversary

Twenty-six years, and with this anniversary I am officially a McCarty longer than I was ever a Stoltzfus.  And yes, I am more in love with my husband than ever.  I don’t know how many years we’ll be granted but I’ll cherish every day I have with Kevin as if it were my last, because someday it will be.


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  1. You’re welcome, Michelle. Thanks for stopping by. He took off work today (a surprise) so we could paint a room together. I am blessed and extremely grateful for my husband. We had some rough years and rough times (and may still in the future), but are enjoying a season of rest and peace which, in this troubled world, makes our home an oasis. ~p

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