As in the days of Noah


I’m in a strange sort of way.  Perhaps it’s due to the way I’ve been pushing myself lately.  I’m always on the go go go and today my get up and go got up and went, lol.  I suppose it’s a good thing it’s Friday and I’ll have something of a break…or will I?  No, not really.  Going with Kevin to run an errand in the morning then picking up a load of mulch and will probably spend the better part of the day weeding and mulching the flowerbeds.  There’s still a porch to paint but I don’t even want to go there yet.  The spare room is drywalled and the mud is drying so next week it’ll be ready for paint (and we haven’t even talked about colors).  The whole house needs cleaned in a bad way as there is a layer of plaster and drywall dust all over everything.  Am I complaining again?

What we own ends up owning us.  And I find myself asking is this what life’s about?  I know the answer but I ask it anyway, surprised at how completely sucked in to fixing up this old house I have become.  I keep reminding myself that this work won’t last forever…but it’ll last at least the summer, and I have this impending sense of…what?  Not doom, but certainly something.  Something is coming.  Anyone who studies Revelation has seen the signs.  Yet we go on as if things will never change.  And they don’t seem to until one day they change forever.  Just ask the people who live along the Gulf.  It’ll never be the same for them.

It took a hundred years for Noah to build the ark.  Everyone around him probably called him crazy (among other things).  I wonder how he dealt with the ridicule that must have come and whether he shared with others what God had told him.  I think about what must have been going through his mind all those years, and I even wonder if perhaps building the ark took a little longer than it should have.  Then again, it was huge and he probably didn’t have much help.  And the whole time people are getting married, having children, going through life as the day grew nearer.  Kind of like now, although we have no physical ark to look at and say, “It’s done” and there are no animals coming by twos.  There are other signs, though.  The earthquakes (sure have been a lot of them lately), the disasters like the Gulf oil spill.  Revelation talks about a third of the life in the sea perishing, and perhaps this is the beginning.  Plenty of wars and rumors of wars (“There always has been, there always will be war” so the song goes).  Knowledge has increased (the Internet has a lot to do with that–too bad knowledge doesn’t equal wisdom).  Then there’s the killing of believers (think Sudan and other places) by people who think they’re doing God a favor.  Yep, it’s near.

And here I am, fixing up a house, mulching and painting, acting as if none of this is happening because that’s all far away (or so it seems) and life goes on, until one day it doesn’t.


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  1. These disasters are terrible things. I don’t know if you’ve seen Maureen’s poem, the most recent draft, on her thread on the sw group and I just put up a poem about the oil.

    I believe that we are destroying ourselves in spite of our best intentions. But it does seem to me that the forces of Nature conspire with that destruction at times, yet the same forces produce life and beauty.

    My theory of the Big Bang at the moment is tongue in cheek: perhaps God blew himself up into a trillion bits of life elements.

    If we do not take responsibility for our world, it will end. That is certainly a given. Perhaps Revelation and Evolution are not as far apart as they might seem. xj

    • I watched a video once of an explosion. It was shot using uber-high-speed film and what was so neat about it was watching it expand, stop, and then contract. Though the video had nothing to do with anything along the lines of the Big Bang, that popped into my head when I watched it. I have a theory about the Big Bang, though I do believe it’s what happened when God spoke “Let there be light” (talk about the power of words, lol). Anyway, time is a created thing, too, and though all this is too much for me to wrap my mind around, when I saw that video it occurred to me that if in fact the universe was created due to an explosion that it would continue to expand (already proven) until it reached its (insert whatever the technical term stands for its farthest expansion) and then begin to contract. Perhaps we’re nearing that time when it begins to shrink. Revelation has things to say about the heavens “falling”, too. Things will get very interesting if that happens.

      Definitely agree about taking responsibility for our world. We certainly haven’t been the best of caretakers. The earth has been very forgiving in many ways, but there’s a limit to its forgiveness, so to speak. Eventually the law of the harvest comes into play–we reap what we sow. Thanks for your reply :) ~p

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