Unpacking already


The much anticipated trip to the Outer Banks is off.  I made the decision this morning and it was a hard one to make, but in a way I am relieved.  We were to leave tomorrow.  It was just going to be my mom and I, and would probably have been good.  Mom’s getting up there in years (she’ll be 80 soon) so you just never know.  But the way it was looking, we’d have had to have come back early because of certain responsibilities.  Whenever I go anywhere it takes me a couple of days to unwind, and about the time I unwound it would be time to come home again.  It’s a day’s drive down and back, so I did the math.  Two days of driving, three days of chillin’.  Not a good enough ratio.  Besides, I know myself well enough to know I’d have been sitting there feeding seagulls and thinking about everything I could have been getting done back home.  My mind doesn’t know when to quit sometimes.

There’s so much going on at the house right now–new sidewalk and porch, guest room being totally gutted and rebuilt–and a friend is letting me join her gardening venture this year which, of course, will be ready to plant next week!  That’s a whole day’s work just in gardening, and I so love working in dirt!  So I’ve decided to set the goal of garden planting and porch painting next week.  I’m one who needs to set goals or I waste time.  I only hope the weather cooperates :)

In other news, we had the majority of our sidewalk poured yesterday (one slab remains because we have to remove another tree).  Someone named “Joey” decided to leave his Kilroy (“Joey was f—in here”) in the fresh cement (in broad daylight, no less!).  We think we’ve figured out who it was, so now we have to figure out what to do.  Something creative would be good, like maybe inviting neighborhood kids over for hot dogs and volleyball, that type of thing.  Of course my initial reaction wasn’t the best, i.e., I wanted to open up a can of whup on him, but that would be totally unproductive.  In fact, it would probably lead to severe repercussions, like tire slashing and other acts of vandalism.  In the end there was no harm done, as the man who does the work was able to erase Joey’s handiwork.  It’s always something.

So now today won’t be so rushed at least.  There’s no need to finish all the wash, make meals ahead of time for the guys, get two weeks’ worth of church work done, etc.  I know there will be moments next week when I’ll wish I was at the beach.  Maybe I can take a day trip and go to Henlopen or something.  Guess I’ll just play it by ear.


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  1. You decided to take care of you and not put yourself under so much pressure! Terrific. Remember your friend here who would love to be renovating an old house and have so much family.

    I’ll write later–xxj

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