Scooter Girl


My husband bought me a scooter!  I’ve wanted one for years, and now I have a new Aprilia 250 Sportcity.  I tooled around on it a lot today (we had beautiful weather) and only had two instances of people almost pulling out in front of me.  Don’t think it hasn’t crossed my mind since Kevin got his touring bike and now I have this that something like that could happen.  It’s not that motorcycles are dangerous, it’s that people somehow look right at you and don’t see you.  Years ago I had a motorcycle but sold it after someone pulled out in front of me and I barely missed them.  But there’s just something about flying down the road on a bike (or in this case a scooter!) that I really enjoy.  And I refuse to live in fear.  So I’m officially going on record.  If I die because of a motorcycle/scooter accident I have no regrets.  I could just as easily be walking down the street and someone jump the curb and hit me.  When it’s your time to go it doesn’t matter if you’re on a bike or sitting on your sofa.  I don’t know what the big hangup is with this life anyway.  It’s so full of pain and heartache, and the older I get the more there is.  ~sigh~

Tomorrow we’re going for a ride with another couple.  Not sure how far we’ll travel, but neither bike is broken in yet so long stretches at high speeds are out.  That’s fine by me as I enjoy traveling back roads exploring the countryside.  I have to remember to take my camera :)


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