It’s been an interesting day, so I’ll give you a snapshot.  It started with a breakfast at a local restaurant.  Our state representative holds one on occasion, and I got wind of it a month or so ago, so Kevin and I went.  There were probably 60+ people there, and he said he’s having another one next week for another 60.  The turnout for these things has been increasing.  People want to be heard, and there was plenty of talking today.  I would venture to guess that the majority of those who attended were at or near retirement age.  One man shared how everything is going up yet his Social Security is not.  He was a farmer and has no pension, no other income, and he and his wife live on twenty grand a year.  That’s getting harder and harder to do.  Anyway a lot of people raised concerns, and it was good to see the turnout.  I thought the senator did a good job answering the questions.  He certainly got his ears full today!

Then I went to work.  Today is Thursday and we have a program called Released Time on Thursdays with kids from the local elementary school.  That’s always challenging.  Afterward I had a meeting with a young lady (one of the volunteers who helps with the program) about a misunderstanding which occurred last week.  It was good to clear the air.

After I got home I got a phone call from a relative about a family problem, which must have hit me wrong or something because I’m suddenly very tired and just want it to go away (it’s not going to anytime soon).  That was followed by another phone call from someone asking me to consider being on town council.  I was on it years ago and read in the paper last week that a council member had resigned.  The fact that I had been thinking about starting to attend meetings again and getting involved in local politics makes me think doors are being opened, but I need to talk to Kevin about it first.

Speaking of Kevin, he’s on his way home.  I plan on meeting him at the door with my helmet in my hand.  I need to ride, and as I don’t have a horse to mount I’ll settle for the next best thing.


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