West Chester Poetry Conference


I got an email yesterday regarding this year’s poetry conference at West Chester. I have the good fortune of living close by (I consider a couple of hours close!), so I’ve attended the opening banquet almost every year for the past, I don’t know, eight years or so I guess it’s been. One year I attended (for real, lol) and took a class under Diane Thiel. I had wanted to take Alicia Stallings’ workshop on the sonnet but it was full. I see that she’s teaching it again this year (I believe she took the year off last year), so I’d better make up my mind soon and get my application in the mail if I’m going to go. I wish the conference weren’t so expensive. I could stay at my mom’s, who lives an hour away, and travel back and forth. And I could cut out the meal plan. But there is something to be said for staying there and breaking bread with other poets, too. Guess I’ll talk to Kevin about it and see what he thinks.

I have been writing a bit, and it feels good. Technically it’s not new writing as I’ve pulled something out of mothballs to work on, but I’m content with that. For now :)


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