Back into the routine


We left and it was winter. We came home to spring! All the snow is gone and the lawn is greening up. The daffodils are about halfway there, but best of all the Robins are back (though there don’t seem to be quite as many). Soon enough the tree peepers will serenade me with their wonderful song. It was a great winter, but I am oh so glad to see (and hear!) spring :)

On Saturday we traveled to Stamford, Connecticut to stay over with a friend and got caught in that terrible storm that hit. The Merritt Parkway, two lanes divided by a grassy strip and lined on both sides with tall, stately trees, became a parking lot. It took us almost two hours to go ten miles. The wind was wreaking havoc on anything with shallow roots or a weak structure. It was like running the gauntlet, branches and trees falling everywhere. It was the same in Stamford as well, with power out to many homes and businesses due to trees across lines. Fortunately our friend had electricity and we enjoyed a nice warm dinner. We stayed over at her parents’ though, and they were without. It was an adventure :)

Always good to be home, and now it’s time to catch up on wash, cleaning, bills, and other various and sundry duties associated with owning a home. I did get to read some while I was on vacation, but I didn’t bother getting the writing juices flowing. At this point I’m not so certain there are any left in me, lol. ~sigh~ Guess there’s only one way to find out.


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