What a week!


It’s Thursday already! I knew this week was going to fly, and sure enough, we only have one full day left. Yesterday and today we went to Wildcat Mountain, which is located right across from Mount Washington. What a view! The trails were groomed to perfection, the weather was great, and aside from one fall today it was perfect! Today was ladies’ day, so for $45 I got a lift ticket, a group lesson (there were only two in my group), and lunch. The lunch alone would have cost $20 and was one of the best I’ve had at a ski resort. It was during the lesson that I fell. I have a hard time turning when I’m going slow and she had us going veeeery slow. Later she showed me an exercise to do that had I had first probably would have kept me from falling, but oh well. I still am overly cautious when I ski, but she said my technique is good, so I guess it’s just a matter of practice making perfect (or at least more comfortable). Still, my knee is “talking to me” so I’m not sure I’ll go out again tomorrow.

This is the third year we’ve taken a ski vacation. The first two were to Vermont, but I’m really liking New Hampshire, and given the choice would probably come here. We skied three resorts, all within a half hour of each other (we’re staying at the one that’s most central). Conway is a great little town, full of artsy shops (and some big-name outlets). The scenery here is nicer. We had a flock of turkeys cross the.road the first day out. Still waiting to see a moose, though! That would make it the perfect vacation :)

I don’t want to think about going home yet, though I know we’re only here a couple more days. I’m sure it’ll be spring down there! Maybe the tree peepers will be out. I love hearing them at night! Up here they’d like winter to last a couple more weeks. They’ve had a great winter, which is a good thing in these tough economic times.

Time to sign off and get supper cooking! There’s no vacation from that! Might as well do a load or two of laundry, too, so I don’t have as much when we get back. Wait, I’m looking ahead again. ~sigh~


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