Lovin’ New Hampshire!


I’m sitting here in a studio condo at Bartlett, New Hampshire, on day two of our vacation. We had a great trip up on Saturday, and I wish I’d have been ready with my camera when we turned the corner on Route 16 and the valley opened up with a view of the White Mountains and Mount Washington! It was gorgeous! We’re staying at the Attitash Resort and yesterday got our gear and walked across the street to the lodge. The conditions were good, though it got warm and the snow started to get “grabby”. No falls, for which I am very grateful, but on the last run I failed to put my goggles down and somewhere they were lost. When I buy a new helmet someday I’ll be sure to get one with a snap in the back to secure the goggle strap. I was hoping someone would be honest and turn them in but no such luck. That made today interesting.

Today we went to Bretton Woods, which is the resort at Mount Washington. The conditions were better than yesterday as far as the snow was concerned, but not having goggles made things difficult. When you’re flying down a mountain, your eyes water like crazy! When I’m able, I’ll upload some pics. The view was fantastic! We’re going to take a day off tomorrow to give our legs a break.

Matt’s going to work on this computer later and try to fix the problem that was created when he tried to run Ubuntu. If all goes well, I’ll be able to keep checking mail and posting here. If not, you won’t hear from me again until I get home. Here’s hoping it goes well :)


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