Gearing up to go away


I should have been making checklists, because I always forget to take or to do something before I go on vacation. Today was a day to check things off the to-do list. It feels good to have the taxes filed, bills paid, and some loose ends tied up. Still need to balance the checkbook (wouldn’t be good to overdraw the account while on vacation!). I pulled our important documents out and put them on our desk. God forbid anything should happen but hey, it could, and I wouldn’t want my son(s) going through what we did when Kevin’s father passed away.

I do need to remember to take my rhyming dictionary and thesaurus, although come to think of it, I don’t do much writing when I’m on vacation. Maybe this time will be different, although given the fact that it’s a studio apartment and not a one-bedroom, there will be no escaping the noise from an almost-certain-to-be-blaring TV. ~sigh~ Am I complaining already? lol, my bad.

Today was an interesting day. I am blessed to work where I do and with someone as down to earth as Pastor Gentry. I love bouncing things off of him, and occasionally he’ll do the same. We’re still adjusting as a new team without my dear friend Rhonda, and we’re making it (though I still miss her terribly). But people move away and life goes on.

I called a cyber friend from Texas today to wish him a happy birthday. Haven’t spoken to him in over a year and it was good to connect again and catch up on how things are going. With some people you don’t need to be in constant communication, and he’s one of them. This is the guy who years back stepped in and put a large chunk of change on the line to keep my husband’s fledgling business from folding. And he did it when he hardly knew us. That still blows me away.

Guess I ought to get off the computer and get a few more things done before I call it a night. ttfn


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