A week’s worth of rambling


I haven’t been so good at blogging lately. I’ll blame the Olympics, which I’ve watching most evenings. I love the drama of the events and especially enjoy the stories on the lives of many of the athletes–what they had to overcome, how hard they had to work to get there–and the triumphs and tragedies as well. Bode Miller got his redemption and Speedy Peterson got his medal, but Lindsey Jacobellis didn’t, so her name will always be synonymous with someone who blows it because they were hot dogging. I was glad to see Joannie Rochette take the bronze. What grace and strength that took after her mother’s death. My heart went out to speed skater Sven Kramer, who lost the gold medal because his coach directed him to the wrong lane. There were memorable firsts for the Americans in Nordic Combined and Four-Man Bobsled. Last but not least there was ice hockey. Hard to see the Americans lose, but somebody has to. I know how they feel, though. I played field hockey and when I was a senior in high school we lost the state championship. Second place is the first loser. I could identify with the pain in Team USA’s faces.

I think God enjoys sports, all kinds of sports. And lately I’ve been paying closer attention to not just sports but everything. Take for instance iTunes’ 10 billionth download winner, a 70-year-old grandfather of nine who downloaded an old Johnny Cash song, “Guess Things Happen That Way”, proof that God has a sense of humor, don’t you think? And the prize? Another joke: a $10,000 iTunes gift card. Uh, sure. They could have done a lot better. Or maybe not. After all, this is from the same company which named their newest notebook the iPad. Julie Gilbert had a few words for Steve Jobs about that blunder. Well anyway I digress.

Another major earthquake this week. Actually I think there was one off the coast of Japan a day before the one in Chile struck. They seem to come in twos, and they are definitely increasing–the beginning of the “birth pangs” the Bible talks about? I think so, but then again what do I know? And it’s not worth arguing about. Just like in the days of Noah, we’ll go on with our lives because that is what we do. But the fact remains: a lot of people died, are still dying down there. And in Haiti, too. Does God enjoy suffering? No, but it happens and He usually gets the blame when we should be blaming ourselves. We’re the ones who opened the door for sin to enter the world. God doesn’t owe us anything and would give us everything if we’d just quit hiding and come back to Him.

I hear my husband downstairs loading the woodstove, so I’d better wrap this up as he’ll soon be heading up the wooden hill. His knee is doing better, btw, but we’re not taking any chances and will order braces (for both of us!) tomorrow so hopefully we can ski pain-free next week. Ah, vacation. Sure am looking forward to it. But like everything else I look forward to in life, it’ll be here and gone, I’ll blink and it’ll be over.


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