When being real costs you something


The older I get, the more transparent I am becoming. I’m not sure if that’s always wise, but it is very freeing. I no longer feel compelled to try to be something I’m not. There’s power in confession, whatever path it may lead you down. Take my last post, for instance. I posted a link on Facebook and I know that there’s a good chance quite a few of my Christian friends followed it and read all about my terriblehorriblenogoodverybadday. Perhaps some were disturbed, maybe some could even relate, but none of them responded. I found that interesting and will leave it at that.

I am aware that being real may cost me a few friends, but I’m on a journey and am not looking back. God’s been leading me down this path for years and though there are times when I have wanted to speed things along (I just want to get there already!) I realize that He knows what I can handle even more than I and that He is more than just the author and finisher of my faith, He’s the author and finisher of my healing as well. I am grateful for the different people, books, circumstances He brings into my life to give me one more little piece of the puzzle. Mostly I am grateful for the gift of faith, for without it I could see none of what has happened to me as anything but fate and chance. Oh, He’s there all right. He’s especially near when I fail.

He’s been very near lately :)


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