Another work day


It’s been a long haul since my father-in-law passed away in May, but we’re almost there. Settlement on the house is set for Friday. Today Kevin and I went down and started throwing junk into the freshly delivered dumpster. Hard to believe after months and months of work that there is still so much to get rid of, but there is–and we didn’t even get to the very large, very full chest freezer yet. I hope we don’t run out of dumpster space before we get to that.

It seems strange walking around the old house. Everything’s gone but I still “see” things in my mind. Each time I go there I think about my in-laws and miss them. Kevin said tonight as we were leaving, “It still doesn’t seem possible,” and it doesn’t. They were just here. Oh how I’d love to sit across the table from them and have a looooong talk. And Nana, too. They took such good care of her and she was often with them.

We brought more things home with us. Not sure where we’re going to go with it. The find of the day today was Mac’s Navy beret (in excellent condition with NO moth holes!) and Fran’s high school sweater with a patch on it (that one had lots of holes but the patch is in great shape). I think I could make a shrine out of our guest room with all the things I brought home!

In other news, Matt neglected to tell us he made the dean’s list during his first semester, but we got the certificate in the mail today, so I stopped at Michael’s and got a frame for it. Go Matt! :)


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