Here and gone


My closest friend came back for a week’s vacation, and it’s here and gone already. I got to see her more than others did–skiing Sunday night, lunch Tuesday, skiing Wednesday, lunch today–but in some ways it made it harder. When she left today I took an emotional dive and still haven’t recovered. I miss her terribly–again–and find myself tearing up very easily. She made me a kuspuk (native Alaskan dress), which I absolutely love and am wearing (I sent the fabric up to her and she brought the finished product back). I gave her a scrapbook I made with pictures of most of the families from our church and notes from them as well. It brought her to tears.

She talks about Alaska and I find myself wanting to go there. Life is much simpler in that rugged, harsh environment, and I have an increasing desire to simplify. I’ve somehow gotten sucked into the tyranny of the urgent, and feel as if I’m in a constant state of distraction from the things that really matter. So I don’t think it would be so much a running from as a running to. Most people fear change. I long for it. But it’s not feasible…at least right now.


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