Happy New Year!


Seems hard to believe that ten years ago we welcomed the new millennium. This decade sure flew by. I think there are many people who are happy to see it go, and who can blame them. Most memories of the decade aren’t good ones: 9/11, war, Katrina, the housing crisis and a whole raft of economic woes. We’re still dealing with some of the fallout, but it’s good to be hopeful. Doesn’t mean that I am, though, lol.

I have no resolutions. There are some things I’d like to finish this year, and I’ll try not to start any new projects until I do. My friend, an art teacher, stopped by for a visit today and I showed her my chapbook, which she loved. She wants a copy (if I ever get around to producing the thing, that is). It’s not as if I can take it to a printer because the binding is complicated, but I’m being stubborn and sticking with that design. So once I finish my current project (a scrapbook for a friend), I hope to get serious about getting the chapbook done. It’s going to be a long, cold winter, so now would be a good time :)

So yeah, we watched the ball drop last night. Ty & Mary and her friend from Norway came over. We were planning on going down to the square and participating in that one, except it was canceled. The weather wasn’t so great and last year’s turnout wasn’t either. Maybe it’s canceled for good. I can’t say I won’t exactly miss the sirens blaring at midnight and the guns going off, but it’s just as well. Had the kids not come over last night I’d have probably gone to bed early.

Which is what I think I’ll do tonight :)


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