Not a creature was stirring


It’s Christmas morning, and the house is quiet. I’ve been up for a little while. Despite having gone to bed past midnight, I wasn’t able to sleep in (I rarely can). This morning I awoke with “Away in a Manger” playing in my head, especially the lines, “Be near me, Lord Jesus, I ask thee to stay close by me forever and love me I pray.” When I went downstairs to check the Weather Channel it’s the song that was playing! Just a little thing, but God is in the details, and I love when I see these types of “little things”.

Last night Ty & Mary came over and we had a good time exchanging gifts and laughing (until we cried!). My husband spoiled me this year with a 25th anniversary ring (like his dad did with his mom on their 25th). Actually we had my diamond remounted, and it’s lovely. I look at it a lot and it reminds me how lavishly I am loved. Slowly, very slowly, it’s sinking in, and this stony heart begins to turn to flesh.

I have some cookies to bake today, scrapbook pages to work on, and maybe (if the Lord leads) I’ll do some writing (which is what I’d like most). Through it all I’m going to try to keep focused on this day’s true meaning. I read at a friend’s blog something that’s really struck a chord, so I’ll post it here, too: ” Jesus Christ is the only person who actually wants a broken gift for Christmas. He was born to take you, bad habits, dashed hopes, infirmities, and all, and to make you whole again. No one can know when they will answer His call; sometimes the personal resurrection comes after a night or season of agony. If you have been in the wilderness, please do consider a prayer for guidance, do consider offering yourself with all your flaws, and you will walk again in the light, your burdens removed.” And what a gift it is to walk in that light, all burdens removed. All gifts pale by comparison.


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