Writing slump


I’m in a bit of a writing slump and haven’t been posting much. Haven’t been writing poetry, either. I suppose it’s partly due to the season–we’ve been quite busy, first with a trip to California, then Thanksgiving, and just yesterday a Christmas party at our house. I’ve been working on some homemade Christmas presents, too, that are quite time consuming. But the desire to write never goes away. Unfortunately the inspiration does. The more time that passes, the harder I find it to is to fire up the engines and get back into it. It isn’t that I’ve had no inspiration, I just don’t have much time. Or maybe I just don’t make much time. Yeah, that’s probably more like it. We find time for the things we want to do, don’t we?

Speaking of Christmas parties, we had one last night. Have you ever seen something with your eyes but your mind just can’t get around it? That happened I was in the kitchen talking with some guests and I looked up and saw Rev. Mansaray (from Sierra Leone) walking toward me with a huge smile on his face. My mind just couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing! It was awesome, and such a blessing to have him here in our home. Definitely a highlight of this season. We would have gotten to see him again this morning, but we had an ice storm and didn’t make it outside of town before we started spinning, so we turned around. By now he’s somewhere over the Atlantic headed home. He was here for two weeks with 4HIM, and somehow managed to fit in a one-day visit to us before he left. I’m so grateful to them for allowing him to work this in.

I guess I’ll call it a day and head to bed. Last night my dreams were punctuated by African memories. Makes me long to go again…


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