Live from L.A.


…it’s Saturday morning! We arrived in L.A. on Tuesday and have had a pretty full week visiting relatives. Wednesday we took the train down to San Diego and had dinner with a cousin and her husband. Thursday we did the Hollywood thing, visiting Grumann’s Chinese Theater and taking lots of pictures of the hand- and footprints, as well as a few stars on the Walk of Fame. The Kodak Theater was very interesting. We did a little shopping–window shopping that is, and had lunch at a cool little burger joint called Rocket Joe’s I think. Only as we were driving away did I get the brainy idea to check and see if there was a star for the actress Patti McCarty! That would have been cool to get a pic next to that :)

Friday we went back to Studio City and I met up with Tim Green from Rattle. It was great meeting him (he’s so young–or I guess it’s just that I’m getting so old!!!). He was very gracious and I picked up my copies of the latest edition as well as some other poetry mags he threw in. I’ll have reading for the rest of the year, lol. Afterward we went back to a Mexican bakery we visited yesterday and picked up more goodies, then a Mexican market for fresh corn tortillas, pork, nopales, and salsa, and brought it back to Rae’s house for a feast. Later we drove up into the San Gabriel mountains and saw where a lot had burned this past summer.

The best part came late in the day, when Ferne and Tina were due to arrive from Hawaii–the trip that Ferne and Kevin’s father were to have taken on their honeymoon (he passed away in May). They finally got here around 11:30 and Kevin and I waited in the back room for them to get settled. Rae was supposed to come back and get us but got to talking and forgot! After about thirty minutes we just walked down the hall and into the room, and the look on their faces was priceless!

So now we’re getting ready for a family get together, enjoying the beautiful sunshine and warm weather (compared to back home!). Tomorrow we’re taking Ferne and Tina to the Queen Mary for brunch. A trip to the QM is always a part of our trips west and something we very much look forward to. What I’m not looking forward to is catching the redeye and flying through the night. Gonna be one tired puppy next week, and it’s going to be crazy busy. I’ll deal with that then. Right now I’m going to enjoy my time with relatives I don’t get to see very often. Time to sign off! TTFN.


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