Last-minute trip


Kevin and I decided to take a last-minute trip to visit relatives in L.A. Ferne (Kevin’s father’s fiance) and her daughter Tina are at this time in Hawaii on the trip that was supposed to be a honeymoon (Kevin’s father passed away May 29). Kevin and his brothers decided to send Ferne and Tina on the trip anyway, and I think it’ll be good for both of them. On their way back they’re stopping in L.A. to visit relatives, most of whom they’ve never met (and actually all of whom are Kevin’s mother’s). Ferne asked us more than a few times to fly out and join them, and we said no because we didn’t want to go out there unless we could stay for a while. But life is short, and five days with relatives (some of whom we may never see again on this earth because they’re getting up there in years) is better than nothing! So two days before Ferne and Tina left for Hawaii, we booked our own set of flights for L.A. We plan on surprising them at the airport (assuming, of course, that the cat doesn’t get out of the bag somehow!).

The break is well timed. Kevin and I are both weary not just physically but emotionally. Settling an estate is not easy work. There are always the “little foxes which spoil the vines” and I can’t tell you how relieved I’m going to be when all of this is over. Actually I probably have mentioned it more than a few times already, lol. This Saturday we’re headed down again to hold another RC plane auction (there’s still a lot left). The details of a sale for his rock and gem collection have to be worked out, and there have been some issues there which have been rather unfortunate. I have been surprised at how many forms greed can take, the most noticeable in my life has been the “that’s not fair” argument. I’m learning to let go but wish I wasn’t such a slow learner!


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