An early start


So much for resting, lol. I woke up around 3:45 and tossed and turned, finally getting out of bed around 6:30. I have “too many irons in the fire” so to speak, and that makes for one hot fire, lol. Anyway I was talking with a friend who was looking for ways to give poetry a boost and I suggested a movie. Yesterday I got this crazy idea and sent her a plot and her response was to “write it, please.” HA! I said. No time for that! Wouldn’t you know it, in my tossing and turning this morning some ideas started to come to me. I’m trying to ignore them. I haven’t even finished the novel I started two years ago!!! And then there’s my chapbook which I really need to focus on….

Oh, and I started going through the boxes of letters we brought back from my father-in-law’s house. Last night I began putting them into a notebook, and it’s been very interesting. I feel as if I’m just getting to know him. The letters start when he went into the Navy back in the early ’50s. They were written to his mother back home, and she kept the letters from her future daughter-in-law as well! My in-laws really did love each other. I’m hoping somewhere in those letters to find the story of how he proposed. She told me once but I forget! I just remember that it was really neat.

Okay, so it’s 7:20 and time to get a move on. What should I tackle first? Eeenie, meenie, miney, mo…


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