Well Rested


Just back from a week at the beach.  The weather was good (can’t complain about only one day of rain!!!), and things were much more peaceful this year, in part due to the fact that we stopped at Borders on the way down and bought Matt a Linux Bible.  The thing is hundreds of pages long, and he dove into that the minute he got back in the vehicle!  It kept his boredom to a minimum, which resulted in happier parents :)

I’d love to have a month down there.  I’d settle for three weeks.  Guess it doesn’t matter, though.  It would still fly and I’d be back home as I am now, staring at the screen and wondering why our vacations always go so quickly.  I’m actually kind of getting irritated living in this created thing called time and often wonder what eternity must be like.  I don’t like the fact that I can make nothing last.  Not last night, seated around the campfire with the cacaphony of forest sounds all around me, not this morning, lying in bed trying to soak up every last second of relaxation before we had to get up and spend two hours cleaning and preparing to lock up the trailer again.  Nothing lasts here on earth.  The only thing that lasts is love.  That’s the only thing we take with us when we leave.  Seems we should be about the business of loving then, shouldn’t we?

Speaking of love, a couple of nights ago Kevin and I went to Rehoboth Beach to do a little shopping.  As we sat on a bench and ate pretzel bites and ice cream I looked up and noticed a very tall person coming.  It only took a couple of seconds to realize that he was a drag queen.  Our eyes met only for a brief moment as he walked by.  In his I saw a lot of pain.  And then a strange thing happened.  I felt it.  And I cried for him and for my own past prejudices and inability to love people where they’re at.  I so want to learn how to love like Jesus did, like He still does.


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