Catch my breath


Well, my week as “boot camp mom” is over, and I have a day or two to recuperate and catch my breath before we leave for vacation.  Somewhere in the next day and a half I need to put together a slide show for Sunday morning and write a summary of the week.

Last night we all came over here (we’ve been staying at the church) and worked on a little mini-book with pictures I’d printed off ahead of time.  When we went back to the church I took them up into the dark sanctuary for a surprise.  Kevin had gone over earlier and set up a tent and taken along a few props.  So we took flashlights and went upstairs, and of course they’re wondering what’s up.  They were surprised to see the tent there.  I had Kevin bring our cardboard glow-in-the-dark star chart, so after “juicing it up” with flashlights I had them lie on their backs in a star format with their heads at the center, then I raised up the board and a few of us held it up.  As my solar candle lantern flickered, we talked about camping and how fun it is.  I’d wanted to have a CD playing of night sounds but I couldn’t find it.  Anyway we picked out constellations off the star chart, and it almost looked real.

Then I turned the conversation to spiritual matters.  You have to understand these girls are growing up in Christian homes.  They’ve gone to church forever and “know all the answers”.  But do they have true faith or is it something they’re just doing because it’s what they’ve always done?  So anyway I basically told them that they need to have a personal relationship with God, otherwise they’re just “pretending they’re camping”.  Oh, they might be protected camping inside a building in the sanctuary, but that’s not real camping–that’s not real life!  Why settle for a 3-x-3-foot-cardboard replica of the sky?  But that’s just what people do all the time.  God offers us Himself, and we settle for much less, for something “safe”, routine, something we think we can control, our own personal God-in-a-box.  I’m so glad He doesn’t let us box Him in.  And I’m so glad He hides in plain view.


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