Bumper stickers


I was going through a drive through today and caught sight of a bumper sticker on a vehicle next to mine which read, “Mind your own damn family.”  I wasn’t close enough to read the small print underneath, presumably listing the organization which printed it, but there was a rainbow-colored peace sign placed nearby.  Then as the vehicle pulled away I noticed one more which read, “Jesus isn’t coming, he’s just breathing heavy.”  That’s when it dawned on me that as a Christian I am now a “them” and have been written off in much the same way I had written others off for years. It doesn’t matter that I wasn’t even aware I had been doing it, the fact remains that I was judging others, and God noticed.  And now I am on the receiving end.  The shoe is on the other foot, and not only that, there’s a stone in it.  So this is how it feels.


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